Crystal Bubs
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Welcome to our website.

My name is Ray Jordan and I am the founder of Crystal Bubs Pty. Ltd.

For those of you unfamiliar with the term, "bubs" is Australian for babies.

My background has been in Medical Imaging for the last 30 plus years but most recently I have been captivated by the wonders of 3D and4D ultrasound.

Some years ago my daughter gave me a crystal dragon engraving which has lived on my desk ever since.

One day while working on some 3D data sets on my computer I wondered how they would look rendered in crystal

With some research and the help of a very cooperative laser lab, results began to take shape.

Crystal Bubs was formed to bring this new striking medium together with these unique once in a lifetime images.

Our research and work is ongoing and the results are already stunning.

For those of you who have that perfect image this is a wonderful medium to capture and preserve it in.

Have a look in our Photo Gallery and you will see what I mean.

Those wishing to order through this website should find it fairly easy to do so and we will always strive to make it easier. Should you encounter any difficulties please let us know, we appreciate feedback.

The image you select for engraving can be sent as a jpeg and sometimes may need a little touch up cropping etc.

We will advise you if there is any additional charge or if the image is unsuitable.

The technique that we employ is "sub surface laser engraving" and images of low contrast do not engrave well. See our For Best Results page for more details.

You may also order through our affiliated 3D/4D providers. See our Providers and Links page. If your provider is not on it please let them know about us.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website and we wish you all the best with the subject of your dreams.

Ray J

Last updated 12/3/12

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