Crystal Bubs
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What sort of image do I need?

To engrave your crystal you need to send us your ultrasound image in one of the following formats: JPEG (.jpg), TIFF (.tif) or AVI (.avi). Resolution needs to be at 300dpi or greater.

For Best Results:

To get the best engraving possible it is important to understand a little about how the engraving is made.

The actual process is called "sub surface laser engraving" since the points are created within the crystal.

There are other processes such as "surface edging" on the back of the crystal, which produce inferior results for our purposes.

Your subject is scanned by the laser's proprietary software and converted into point data that the laser uses to establish were to place the points in the crystal to build the image.

The key to getting a good engraving is contrast, whether you are ordering the two dimensional engravings or the extruded three-dimensional product.

Of the two images below the one on the left is "washed out" or of low contrast and will not engrave well. The image on the right has much better contrast and will provide a superior result.

It is also sometimes necessary to crop your image to make the subject stand out better against any background.

The process of creating a 3D engraving from a 2D picture is called "extrusion" and involves sophisticated computer graphic manipulation of the 2D data set.

At this point it is hard to say but it may be helpful to provide two or more images at 90 degrees to each other with at least one front on image.

So far we have accomplished the extrusion from a single 2D image (see our Photo Gallery).

Another interesting quality of laser engraving is that you can't put dots too close together or they may create a fracture in the crystal between them.

This limits the minimum size of the crystal since enough points to create a good image won't fit within too small a crystal.

There are other limitations such as engraveable depth and width of engraveable field. For the most part we will advise if there may be a problem with your crystal size/shape selection and the image chosen.


Last updated 12/3/12

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