Crystal Bubs
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How do you put the image inside the crystal?

A state- of-the-art laser system with proprietary software is utilized in the process of creating an image inside optical crystal.

Your image is scanned and converted into a point form, which the operating system of the laser recognizes and reproduces within the optical crystal.

The laser light is focused to a point within the crystal and has the energy to change the structure of the crystal at this point.

Many hundreds of thousands of points are created to reproduce your image within the crystal.

Will the image of the crystal fade?

The image engraved in the crystal is permanent. You can add other images or points to the crystal but the initially engraved image will not fade or deteriorate.

How long will it take to send me my order?

If the image is acceptable for engraving, your order should only take 1-2 weeks to arrive. It is best to give us your e-mail address to contact you regarding anything about your order.

Is it real crystal?

The brand name is "Optical Crystal" and it is very high quality optical glass.

This same type of glass is used in expensive research telescopes.

Can I get a 3D image from a 2D picture?

Yes, but the technology to do this at present doesn't give you a perfect 360 degree view as you can see in some ultrasound examinations/data sets.

The examples we have done so far can be seen in our gallery.

We are currently researching other methods to utilize captured data sets from your providers' ultrasound machine.

How do I know which picture is best suited to be engraved?

See our For Best Results page.

Where can I have my 3D/4D ultrasound scan?

See our Providers and Links pages.

Can my 2D ultrasound pictures be turned into 3D pictures?

No. The data to do this and render a 3D image isn't captured in a 2D examination.


Last updated 12/3/12

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